Monday, July 16, 2018

A Posting Explanation

Today is the beginning of some scheduled time off.

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The last few years Odie has covered for me on Mile Markers when I have been unable to post while gone for missions or on other trips without much internet. That has worked really well. A little problem has developed with that working situation though.

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Odie has decided to go with us on a little trip this year! 

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What in the world? How is that going to work, Odie? Who is going to take care of the blog if you are out of phone signal and out of pocket with us?

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I heard nothing but the sound of crickets when I ask her that question. Notice Odie's smiling face has no ears.

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That means there are going to be some days over the next two weeks when there may not be a blog at all or it may only be a picture or two. There will be many of those days when we will have no phone signal and others where I will limit by computer time by design. It is vacation after all.

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Never fear, I have a weekend weview post ready to publish tomorrow, vintage pictures Wednesday, reunion pictures ready to go up and a few other things along the way, so there will be some activity for sure. I think we are covered this week. Who knows, I may even feel inspired to write something profound the second week. 

Yeah, right, that would be new.

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Anyway, thank you for joining us. We do appreciate all the millions of people that will be tuning in each day to see if we have posted. It is very humbling. 
😌 😜 




  1. Y'all, have a Blessed vacation, be sure to keep count of all of Your BLESSINGS !~!, YO_Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. If you get this, have a great vacation! Rest, relax and refresh!!!


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