Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018 Boggs Family Reunion Pictures

I was having such a good time visiting with family that I completely dropped the ball on taking pictures of the Boggs Family reunion. Odie was not with us or I would cast all the blame on her. Thankfully my sister did take a few pictures.

A cousin named Brenda Boggs Haney sent me some pictures too. Without those pictures this post would be slim pickings for sure. Brenda's Grandpa Lafayette Boggs was a brother to my Great Grandpa Albert Boggs.

For many years the Boggs reunion was the second Sunday in August. It was always important to my Grandpa and Grandma Boggs and we always enjoyed going when we could. Grandpa Martin Boggs has been gone 25 years and Grandma Boggs has been gone 21. In fact, most of their generation is gone from the Boggs family. It is a different crowd now, but it is family and we need to know them.

Now the reunion is the second Saturday in July. We like to go down a day or two before and play music, sing and visit with some of the family in the campground. We were not able to do that this year, but I am glad we got to go.

Thank you for tuning in today.


I am going to put names on some of these pictures from my cousin Brenda Haney.

Kelly Jo Boggs, Alyssa, Davy Boggs

Luke Osborn, Martha Boggs, Jonas Boggs

Eugene and Martha Boggs

Martha Boggs, Theresa Boggs Osborn, Eugene Boggs

The first four on the left toward the back are Brian Boggs and his family, Jerry Smith, Steve Boggs, Karen Boggs and Davy Boggs
Next row is Garnetta Smith, Martha Boggs, Eugene Boggs, Theresa Osborn, Kelly Jo Boggs.
Next row is Luke Osborn and Jonas Boggs

These are the pictures from my cousin Brenda Boggs Haney.

Steve Boggs and Davy Boggs

Garnetta Boggs Smith

Jerry and Garnetta Smith

Theresa Boggs Osborn and her son Luke Osborn

Jonas Boggs

Kelly Jo Boggs

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