Thursday, April 5, 2018

Today's House Headlines 4/5/2018

Most of the counter-tops were installed this week. They have to redo one of them and they knew it before they came. They apologized and should have it ready soon. 

The sinks were delivered Wednesday and they will be installed along with the faucets and the other plumbing fixtures in about two weeks. I will post more pictures of the counters then. Here are the pictures we have from Tuesday thanks to my Dad and brother.

The floor is not two-toned.😊 Kelly Jo put down paper on the walkways during the remainder of the construction process.

Everyone says the counters look great and Odie is very pleased. She will know more when she sees them in person but it is too late to change now anyway.

The Next Big Step

Bro. Larry Landress called last week and said he wants to pour and finish the concrete porches. We have been waiting on prices and not making much progress in getting them completed. His call was an answer to prayer. 

Most of you that know Bro. Larry, know him as a missionary. He is also an expert concrete guy and we are thrilled that he is interested in doing the work!

Bro. Larry and Sis. Rosemary have already been instrumental in moving the house project along. They have done so much behind the scenes. We appreciate their willingness to help carry the load.

Bro. Trevor Metheny from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is going to help on the porches too. Bro. Trevor had called and expressed an interest to work on the house months ago but nothing had come together. We are excited at the possibility of his coming and helping.

Bro Larry and Bro. Trevor are planning to be in Ohio for this work the week of April 23rd. Bro. Larry is hoping to pour on Tuesday and maybe more days depending on how much capable help he has on hand.

IF you are an experienced concrete finisher and have been looking for a place to jump in, now would be a good time. IF Bro. Larry has plenty of experienced help, he will be able to pour the porches and perhaps the driveway as well. Contact me if you are interested. 

These are exciting times. Thanks for joining us.


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