Friday, April 13, 2018

A Quick Recap of Our Week

We are scheduled to begin revival tonight under the Blue and White Gospel Tent right next to Summit Holiness Church near Prattville, Alabama. The tent is about 1 mile east of I-65 at Exit 181. Are you going to be here at least one night?

It was a hectic ride this week and I am a little glad it is over. I am ready to let the revival begin!

Here is a quick recap of our week to this point.

We spent the day in the bus shop at Vonore, Tennessee after long tedious drive Sunday and a short night's sleep. After the BoggsMobile was ready to roll again Monday, we pulled out about 5 or so that evening. Here it is before the Green Machine was hooked up.

We drove about 280 miles to a rest area east of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We had stopped to eat between Chattanooga and Birmingham and I think that was our only stop. We were very thankful to find a good place to spend the night even though we were stopping late.

We ran into a construction slow down about 20 miles before we stopped.

Tuesday morning before we left the rest area.

Over 800 miles after we turned around to go back to the bus shop, we passed the location of our break down. It was nice to keep rolling, maybe even pushing the pedal down a little more than necessary.

We pulled into Ricthon First Assembly about 12:30 PM Tuesday and started to work. Bro. Scott and Bro Brandon helped me change tires on the tent trailer. I will tell you more about the tires and wheels later.

Then we needed to sort out what would ride in the tent trailer and what would ride in the front bay of the BoggsMobile. We had to configure things to ride properly. With all the help, we finished that work in only a few minutes.

When that was completed, we hooked up the tent trailer to the bus and parked it so that we could pull out in the morning.

Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim prepared a tremendous meal and we enjoyed the food and all of the fellowship very much! It was a relaxing evening after a few rushed days! It felt good AND tasted good!

Wow! What an amazing meal!

Bro. Scott and I did have a few more things to sort and strap down Tuesday morning but we were rolling quite a bit before noon.

The Green Machine will not fit in the tent trailer with the big tent and 400 chairs. I plan to fix that when the tent trailer is in Ohio soon. For now, Kelly Jo must drive separately. That was fine Tuesday because Kelly Jo and Odie needed to stop several places in Mobile.

There we go!

They needed to pick up packages from Bro. and Sis. Williamson (The Apostle and The Epistle).

We had two packages shipped to them in March when we thought we would be preaching for them the second Sunday in the month. Those plans changed for Bro. Bill Houston's funeral and they were gracious to hold the packages until now. 

Kelly Jo and Odie ate lunch with them and went to Lowe's to buy a new piece of carpet for the platform area of the tent. I was pulling the trailer carefully, stopping often to check the load in the trailer and keep a close eye on the coolant temperature in the BoggsMobile. The extra weight of the tent trailer will prove the worth of our recent repair. I have complete confidence in the repair but  I need to be very careful.

We arrived in Prattville as church was dismissing Wednesday. I dropped the trailer, parked the bus and then we visited with Bro. and Sis. Simpson and Sis. Sondra West.

Thursday morning started early with a full day of preparing for the tent to go up. We worked and planned until late afternoon when the church folks arrived. A few hours later this is what we had.

One day next week I will try to post pictures of the tent going up.

It feels amazingly good to have the Blue and White Gospel Tent in the air again. We drove a long ways and endured a few twists and turns to get here, but it is good to be here. We are looking for a great week of services with folks saved, healed and delivered.

Come join us if you can. We would love to have you. Thanks for reading.



  1. Tent meeting time again...May God give you many souls..Be careful and be safe..Love y'all


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