Friday, April 6, 2018

Revival in Pictures - Beechfork Holiness Church

Wednesday's Vintage View post was from revival at Beechfork in 2008

Today we show you the pictures from revival at Beechfork this week. We were only there Sunday through Wednesday but God blessed us with some memorable services. The response to the preaching in the altar was excellent. Praise God for it.

By God's grace we hope to see be with our friends again next year as we have for 30 years. We first preached at Beechfork in June 1988 at their Homecoming service. God blessed in that service and it seemed apparent to us that God had brought us all together.

We have been in service at Beechfork every year since then and have preached nearly every year. Some years in the early 90's we preached two revivals a year. It is safe to say we have preached 30 revivals at Beechfork. If they are tired of us, they have not told us yet. I sure hope if they tire of us, they keep it to themselves!😏

Pastor Herman Woods

Odie and Sis. Margaret Woods

A picture of Karen and Steve down from Ohio for Sunday.

Here are a few pictures of church folks and visitors.

I hope you enjoyed our Revival In Pictures. Come see us again tomorrow.


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