Saturday, April 7, 2018

Odie's Notes From A Tremendous PFYC 2018

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from the road. We are traveling today but I wanted to give you a quick report on PFYC 2018. 

I had a fabulous time at PFYC. It was awesome to see so many friends! The Lord met me once again in a special way in the altar. I can not believe another conference is in the history books. 

I truly appreciate everyone responsible for the Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference. Thank for your burden for people! I pray that God blesses you for your hard work. 

Here are a handful of pictures from the two days of PFYC. There will be a lot more coming soon.

Below are my notes from the conference this year. I hope you enjoy the review. 

Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 
April 5th and 6th 2018
First Generation Pentecostal Experience 

Thursday, April 5th
11:00 Morning Service 

Answering Questions That 
Young People Are Asking
Each morning there was a question and answer session. They seated a panel and answered questions from young people that has been sent in previously. It was very informative. 

Their great answers to these questions and others will be posted on the PFYC website in a few days. You can visit the site by clicking here

Bro. Dwain Galiher

Bro. Zane Estes

Bro. Jon Isaacs 

Bro. Mike Shelton

Cell Phone Etiquette 

Bro. Andrew Astor 
Proverbs 15:3
1. Turn your phone off in church
2. Don’t let your communication become too common 3. Never Send a “picture” message to a peer of the opposite gender
4. Always treat your phone like it is a weapon of mass destruction (Because it is)
5. Don’t become trapped in the cell of your phone

3rd Generation Pentecostals With A First Generation Experience"

Bro. Brent Gabbard 
Ecclesiastes 1:4
1. Somebody told me
2. Somebody showed me
3. I must have a modern-day experience

Bro. John Roberts 
Acts 2:1
1. Pentecost is for our generation 
2. Pentecost is worth fighting for 
3. Pentecost is the key to our future 

7:00 Vesper service 
Bro. Todd Hatcher 
Luke 7:14
“Young Men Arise”

1. You can rise above your family.
2. You can rise above your fear
3. You can rise above your failures

7:30 Evening service 

Bro. Enoch Snow 
Judges 6:36-40
John 1:29,32-33
“The Dew is For You”

Friday April 6th
11:00 Morning Service

Entitlement Mentallity 

Bro. John Brock
Philippians 2:3-11
“The Example of Christ In An Entitlement Mentality”

Answering Questions That Young People Are Asking 
Once again, their great answers will be posted on the PFYC website in a few days. You can visit the site by clicking here

Bro. Doug Phillips

Bro. Terry Garner

Bro. Jerry Pascarella

Bro. Jimmy Millikin 

10 Ethics Points For Young Preachers

Bro. Shad McDonald 
Mark 1:14
“How To Reach When You Preach”
  1. Prayer of preaching 
  2. Preeminence of preaching 
  3. Power of Preaching 
  4. Purpose of preaching 
  5. Precept of preaching 
  6. Passion of preaching 
  7. Purity of preaching 
  8. Privilege of preaching 
  9. Proclamation of preaching 
  10. Preciousness of preaching 

Security And Self Worth

Bro Mike Maxon Jr
Gen 37:5
“Don’t Lose Your Dream” 

1. When you are face down in the pit .
2. When others dreams are coming true
3. Because you’re in the King’s dream

7:00 Vesper Service

Bro. Ashton, McDonald 
Psalm 100
“Don’t Wait At The Gate”

7:30 Evening Service 

Bro. Douglas Meadow was the scheduled preacher. He did not get to preach. There was a spontaneous altar service during the mass choir singing. We had a “First Generation Pentecostal Experience” in the service. It was amazing to see God pour out His spirit on His People! It was a wonderful way to cap off PFYC 2018. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Have a wonderful weekend. 


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