Saturday, December 9, 2017

Good Laundromat Finds

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, this is Odie reporting in from the road. Thank you for the kind feedback about my post from last Saturday. I am glad to hear that several  people received encouragement from that post! 

The BoggsMobile is rolling toward El Mirage, Arizona on Saturday. We are looking forward to being with Pastor Noah Martinez and our friends at Desert Cove Assembly. Revival begins tomorrow and runs through Friday. We invite you to join us if you are in the area. 

In our small living arrangements we have chosen not to give up valuable closet space for a washer/dryer. We have been living in an RV for over 15 years. In that time, locating a place to do laundry has been our normal. Mom and I are always pointing out laundromats to each other, even when we are just passing through a town. I guess you could say we have built in laundromat sensors. 

Pastors have called or text us asking where the laundromats are in their town so they could tell another evangelist. I guess we should keep a log. I will have to consider a regular laundromat update here next year. 

Going to a different laundromat every week can be an adventure. One time my Uncle Tommy wanted pictures from every laundromat we visited that year. It was fun letting him peek into our laundry days. Uncle Tommy, I always think of you when it is laundry day. 

We have definitely seen the good,  the bad and the ugly when it comes to laundromats. Some areas we have learned to avoid laundry day as much as possible because the laundromat is so bad. Then some places have the good ones we bookmark in our minds. 

We had an unexpectedly exciting laundry day in Ellisville, Mississippi in 2014. The laundromat is within walking distance of the church and we love going to it, but that day was quite a trip. You can read about the excitement by clicking here.

Laundry is not usually a fun chore but a nice laundromat makes it more enjoyable. We like a laundromat for the purposes of getting all our laundry done in a couple of hours. Lots of times people are so kind and volunteer for us to use their washers but that would take us all day. We like going and getting it done at once. 

Our last two laundromat visits have been very nice. In Riverdale, California we had used the laundromat in the past and it was not on our favorites list. We were considering going to another town for laundry, but Mom wanted to check the one in Riverdale again. We found a completely renovated laundromat! Nice!

The Riverdale laundry is now a smoke free facility and no pets are allowed. Also washing of pet beds and pet clothing are prohibited. That will defiantly help it stay nice longer. 

Please do not get me started on pets and laundromat stories, I will start gagging! We have seen some nasty things!

We met the new owner while we were in there. He is a very nice man who owns three laundromats in the area. It was great to see this laundromat get a new spin on life. I will definitely recommend this laundromat to others.

Below are a few pictures from Coin Op #2 Water and Laundry in Riverdale, California. 

Where we have been in Bloomington, California there are a lot of laundromat options. Mom went to Google to read reviews to find the best option for us. She did a great job. 

It was a nice clean place with plenty of room. It had a restroom that was handicap accessible. You would be surprised how many times that is not available to me. 

It also had Free WiFi, always a major plus. It also had one of our favorite features, it works on a Laundry Card rather than coins. You load money on to the card. Then you insert the card at each machine and money is deducted. It is so nice not having to mess  with quarters. This is another laundromat that I would recommend. 

Here are pictures from the Speed Wash in Rialto, California. 

I wanted to share our good laundromat experiences lately. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for reading. 


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