Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #50

Has anyone noticed that my weekend count is off? Last's week's Weekend Woundup and Weview was labeled #50. Since the year started on Sunday and ends on Sunday I should have 53 of these posts and I was on track to have 54.


How in the world did that happen? Back in the summer I skipped #32 without realizing it.😊 This post is the second #50 and that puts me back on track.😁

The whole weekend has been exciting. The weather has been excellent. The drive from California to Arizona was relatively easy. The revival services have been exceptional. And the fellowship with our super friends has been extraordinary.

We finished revival in Bloomington, California Friday night with a great service. Pastor Deatherage exhorted for a while during song service and made an altar call. The people responded well in the altar and prayed until about 8:30. He turned it to me to sing and preach and they responded good to the second altar call too.

We certainly appreciate Pastor John Deatherage and his family and church for receiving us so well. May God bless them for their kindness.

We probably should have left Bloomington Friday night after church while the road was clear. We can navigate the back entrance of the church but not if there are cars parked one the side of the street in the wrong places. Late Friday night the street was wide open but I was tired. I decided to wait.

When we prepared to leave Saturday morning we could not do it. I could see plainly that when I checked. I decided we would try the front entrance. 

We pulled around front and aired the front and rear of the bus to the highest it would go. We can drive in that position, straight ahead without turning, for a short distance and at low speed. It was obvious very quickly that we could not do it.

We drove the bus to the back entrance and now only one truck was in the way. We talked to the neighbors but no one knew who owned the truck. We wiggled out a little at a time. In the picture below we are blocking the street, backing the bus in order to clear the truck you can see in the front on the driver's side.

Kelly Jo followed in the Green Machine to the first rest area. Then we hooked them together and continued our journey.

It was a beautiful day to drive.

We arrived about 6:10 and the welcoming committee had burritos!

We set up our sound Saturday night and visited with Pastor Martinez and his family. We have a wonderful time with these folks!

We had two great services to begin revival and two great surprises too!

The first surprise was our cousin Joey Lamb visiting from Sweeny, Texas. Joey is a construction superintendent and is working on a project about 45 minutes away. I knew he was out here and knew he was going to try to come but he surprised us by coming Sunday morning. He was able to be there for both services on Sunday.

Are you ready for the second surprise? This is a family that has come to see us four times this year. They came one night to Ellisville, Mississippi in February, the whole weekend to Johnson, Vermont in September, a weekend to Wichita, Kansas in October and now this week in El Mirage, Arizona.

Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan!

These friends from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma are amazing! It is super to have the Mayhan's with us and we hope God blesses them for all of the encouragement they have been to us this year and well before too. We are excited to have them here!

Pastor Noah and Sis. Carla Martinez

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. Pray that God give us a wonderful outpouring of His spirit all week long!

Thank you for reading today.


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