Thursday, December 21, 2017

Y'all Be Careful Out There, You Hear!

We are blogging as a team today.  Davy is driving in west Texas and Kelly Jo is typing.  I mentioned yesterday morning that we would flip a coin to decide the direction we were going.  I dreaded driving through the high winds that were predicted along I-40.  

The winds ultimately decided.  I flipped the quarter and the wind took it away.  I have no idea where it landed.  I figured that meant we needed to go the direction with no wind.  

We saw some interesting signs several times yesterday.  They were giving instructions as what to do in a major dust storm.  

In A Dust Storm

Pull Off Roadway

Turn Vehicle Off

Foot Off Brakes

It is good to know what they advise to do in the event of a dust storm on the interstate.  However, I am a little uncomfortable with a couple of the directions.

Evidently the guy installing signs has some reservations about the instructions as well.  I think he decided at the last moment to put up one more sign.

Stay Buckled Up

Y'all be careful out there, you hear!

Davy and Kelly Jo

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