Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jack Fell Down

Update at the bottom of the page:

Jack fell down and broke his crown. Some of you may remember the tooth trauma I had in 2015. They finally got the to the "root" of the problem in late July or early August and then I had a crown put on toward the end of 2015, about two years ago. I invested a lot in a root canal and two crowns.

One third of that investment crumbled Monday evening when the crown on the root canal tooth shattered into a million pieces. I broke my crown without even falling down.

I called my dentist near home Tuesday morning but found no love. IF I could have went in the next day they might have been able to get the crown back by the end of the first week of January when we will driving to Louisiana. IF we rush home and go in next Thursday the 21st, they may have the crown the second or third week of January after we are long gone.

I am not inclined to cancel revival(s) for the privilege of re-paying for re-work.

I seriously considered driving to Nogales, Mexico south of Tuscon. Arizona Dental has great reviews and can complete crowns in one day. They do the Cerec one day crowns and it is cutting edge technology. (Thanks to Bro. Bruce Mayhan that told us about the possibility of one day crowns with Cerec.)

We nixed that idea when we realized Nogales is 3 hours one way with no traffic. That would make it nearly impossible to spend the day at the dentist, drive 6+ hours total and be back in time for revival.

KJ found a place nearby here that does the Cerec one day crowns. I will be going there this morning to see if my tooth is a good candidate for the process.

I am not looking forward to any of it but I need to get this taken care of. The tooth feels razor sharp against my tongue and the inside of my jaw. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for tuning in today.


Dentist Visit Update:

I have good news and I have bad news from my dentist visit.

Good News: I did not have to spend $1100 for a new crown.

Bad News: I did not get to spend $1100 for a new crown. 

What? The tooth is broken and can not be saved. Ouch!

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