Friday, December 1, 2017

A Night At Avenal Assembly

We had a wonderful Thursday night with Pastor Doug Spencer and his church and family at Avenal Assembly. Avenal, California is about 45 minutes south and west of Riverdale. The BoggsMobile remained parked at Riverdale and we took the Green Machine to church.

We love the beautiful drive down to the church from Riverdale. The sun goes down very early here during this time of year so we were not able to enjoy the view completely. It was still a pleasant drive.

We have been going to Avenal for several years and we always enjoy being with them. It is a fun place to sing. The music is great and the people are easy to sing to. They also seem to love to hear the preaching. Since preaching the Word is our ultimate goal, folks liking preaching is a pretty cool bonus.😀

They sang a couple of songs to begin the service and then Pastor Spencer turned the service to us. We sang quite a bit and then moved right into preaching. It was a good night with a good response in the altar.

I hate that we are so limited on time during this visit to California. We would love to stay in Avenal longer. By God's grace, we will return to be with our friends again.

Here are a few pictures from our night in Avenal. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading today.


Pastor Doug Spencer and Sis. Terry

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