Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #50

The weekend did not go exactly as we had it planned but we rolled with the punches and it worked out fine. In fact, it was a pretty good weekend to be alive and with God's people and in God's service.

I hooked up the Green Machine while still in our parking place at Riverdale about mid-morning Friday and we pulled out about noon. We should have been on the road earlier but there was really no reason to hurry. 

We went down 99 and then turned on 58 at Bakersfield and began one of our favorite drives in the BoggsMobile. We love going through the Tehachapi Mountains. It is a beauty that we never grow tired of no matter what the season.

It was a little overcast at times and the view was not always clear, but we loved it anyway. Here are a few pictures, bug guts and all.

We pulled into the Los Angeles area about dark and settled into a parking lot for the night. We had plans to go to downtown LA Saturday to visit the Fashion District and we had plans to visit two churches Sunday morning.

We made it to downtown LA Saturday morning and parked the car in a $10 lot.

There are a bunch of parking lots downtown and many of them have big signs advertising $3 and $5 parking. But that is for the first 15-30 minutes and the maximum rate is $12 or much higher. We did see one or two $8 lots that seemed legit later while walking.

The girls love to walk through the blocks and blocks and blocks of stuff and I love to walk pass the food trucks very, very slowly! We make a great team.

We had a wonderful day and Kelly Jo and Odie found some super great bargains on clothes. The weather was perfect for walking around and we visited with a bunch of nice people too.

We went back to the bus with full intentions of getting up Sunday morning and visiting two churches. We wanted to go back to a church we visited last year when we were here in the spring and we wanted to go to another church that we had learned about.

We did not make it to either one. Kelly Jo was not feeling well and could not nap Saturday evening and she could not sleep a wink Saturday night. Plus she had only slept an hour Friday night. 

She could hardly stand upright when we began to get ready for church at 6:00 AM Sunday morning. I sent her back to bed and she was able to rest a few hours.

Since we did not drive over an hour to church Sunday morning as we had planned and we did not go to the second service in the afternoon, we were able to pull into the church in Bloomington before 2:00 PM Sunday. I think we were parked and shutting down the bus right at 2:00.

It is great to be back in Bloomington, California with Pastor Deatherage and all of his fine folks. We were last here for revival in March 2016 and it was like we had not missed a beat. We picked right up where we left off last year. God blessed us with a wonderful altar service.

We had great fellowship after church too. We appreciate them treating us so well. We hope to have a bunch more pictures later in the week.

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for joining us.


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