Monday, November 1, 2010


We have several pictures from last week that we want to post but today's pictures take first place. We were pulling out of a church in Bloomington, California this morning and high-centered the BoggsMobile and got stuck! The bus is actually sitting on the step under the mid door in these pics! Both front wheels and the back right wheels were spinning free of the concrete.

I dragged some going in so I was having Kelly Jo pull out very carefully as I was putting boards under the wheels. Just as we were about to clear the high spot the boards spun out and down it went. My little heart nearly stopped! Thankfully we finally got it out without any damage to the stainless on the bay doors but it was a job. We were praying hard and working hard and the Lord came through!

We planned to make it all the way to El Mirage today but my nerves were shot so we stopped a little short of our goal. We start revival on Wednesday so we have plenty of time. Thanks for praying for us!



  1. That reminds me of the guy with the low-rider truck that got "high-centered" on a walnut! Glad you were able to get it unstuck without any damage.
    Bon Voyage!


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