Friday, September 2, 2016

Marking Time

This post was originally supposed to go live early on the morning of September 2nd. At some point it disapeared but I did not notice until September 8th. Here it is again. Maybe it will stay put this time.

Marking Time

Well, I have been pretty bummed about the difficulties concerning Nashville City Reach but we have had some highlights along the way. God is so very good to us even if we do not understand everything He is doing in our lives or in the lives of others. I am content to trust Him. He is definitely trustworthy.

One of the highlights has been all the encouraging phone calls and texts that I have received. Thank you all for rallying around us with kind words fitly spoken. May God bless you for being such a blessing to us.

Another one of the highlights was visiting Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Campground this week. They are having a youth revival at the tabernacle and I am glad we went. It has been years since we have visited their campmeeting and although we see most of the folks at other meetings, it was good to be back.

Kelly Jo and I were both reminded of a previous visit probably 20 years ago. Their campmeeting is in mid June and it is usually scorching hot that time of year. One night the temperature dropped during service and we and 200-300 of our closest friends thought we were going to freeze to death in the middle of the sermon.

At that time the platform was on the end of the tabernacle and had three walls. The preachers were completely shielded from the wind and had no idea that the rest of the congregation was in Antarctica. The night speaker was preaching a very serious message and everyone was pretty much scared to make a move for the exits.

He took a very long time inviting us all to the altar and almost daring anyone to go the other direction. Once the altar call was completed and a few "wicked" souls timidly made their way to the altar, 75% of the crowd bolted for the warmth of their cars. If the preacher closed his eyes for ten seconds at the wrong time, he probably thought we had all be raptured away.

There was no cold this time and that made the service much more enjoyable. We enjoyed the service, the fellowship and Bro. Jeremy Spurlock's preaching.

Bro. Spurlock was planning to be with us for all of City Reach Nashville and was going to bring some families from Hodgenville, Kentucky with him. I wanted to personally tell him of the disappointing change in plans. That made the trip to Connersville of dual purpose. I would say we killed two birds with one stone but I did not throw a stone and there were no birds harmed in the writing of this post.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you for reading.


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