Monday, September 19, 2016

#37 Weekend Woundup and Weview

It has been another great weekend and we are giving God all the glory for it. We spent most of the day Saturday with my brother Steve and his wife Karen. Steve has been at the barn lots of hours helping us work while we have been home but we have not spent much time together outside of work and church. It was a great day.

Karen drove us to Springfield and we walked around the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market Extravaganza. I do not think we purchased one things besides food but we had a great time looking and talking. I just realized that we did not take one picture either. So, maybe it did not happen at all. I think it did though.

Mom and Dad called as we were getting back to town and we met them and Odie for a great meal at Acapulco! Of course, what other kind of meal besides great can you have at Acapulco, right? I did get a picture of that.

Then Steve and Karen helped us set up our sound equipment at Dodds and to get our sound check. While getting sound check, Kelly Jo discovered that her sustain pedal was not working on her Yamaha P120 keyboard. Steve and Karen took her to Guitar Center to buy another one while I was trying to prepare for Sunday's services.

Kelly Jo's Yamaha has been a work horse. We have traveled with it about 12 1/2 years and used it probably 3500 - 4000 services in that time. 700-800 of those services have been outdoors so we certainly have gotten our money's worth from it. 

We started to upgrade at the beginning of 2016 to another Yamaha that Kelly Jo has found but decided to make this one work another year. We have never had a problem with it until this year and it has quit us three times. Those three problems this year have cost us only about $150 so that is still not bad.

Sunday morning we kicked off revival with a wonderful response to the preaching in the altar. I believe that God is going to help us this week in a mighty way.

Sunday night Pastor Kelly Rogers relocated the 6:00 PM service to the Little Miami River. It was a beautiful evening, even with the slight threat of rain and the few sprinkles we had. It was obvious that folks were excited by the number of people that were gathering in early.

Pastor Kelly Rogers kicked it off.

The threat of rain picked up steam during the preaching so my 15 minute homily was abbreviated to about 3-4 minutes. It was probably better that way.

Each of the candidates for baptism was given a chance to testify. It was awesome to hear my brother Steve give glory to God for what He has done in his life!

Baptizing my brother Steve will always stand as a highlight of our relationship and my ministry. It was a wonderful day! Thank God for His mercy and grace to us! Hallelujah! 

There were seven of us Isaacs first cousins there. I was blessed to help baptize first cousin Debbie Isaacs too. She is the one in the front with towel.

That makes for a great day and a great weekend! Thank you for stopping in.


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