Saturday, September 24, 2016

Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs - Holiness Heroes

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Odie's Saturday Post

Hello, Friends this is Odie reporting in on Saturday. Later this morning I will climb into the BoggsMobile and we will start making our way south. Our time at home has come to a close this time around. I sure do appreciate my grandparents for taking such good care of me while we have been close to home. It has been wonderful. I must admit that it is good to be rolling again. 

I want to say thank you to all of you who left comments or let me know my post last Saturday encouraged you. I love hearing feedback from blog readers!

I have written posts in the past about different Holiness Heroes that have impacted my life for the good. I am very thankful to have been exposed to so many good people in my life. 

Today I am writing about two very special people that left a Godly legacy for me even though I was born too late to know either of them personally very well. I never got to know Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs but their lives have influenced me greatly.


The were my Great Grandparents, the parents of my grandma Martha Boggs. Sadly Grandpa Godfrey passed away the summer before I was born. I wish I could have known Grandpa! I love to hear my family tell stories about him.

Grandma Bessie was Holy Ghost filled saint. I did get to meet her and I have two vague memories of Grandma. Here she is holding me when I was a small baby.

She passed away when I was two years old. She was a very precious woman. I wish I could have known her better. 

They lived in the mountains of Kentucky and raised their family. Life was not easy for them. They raised their own food and worked hard for everything they had but they held on to God and served him faithfully to the end. The log cabin where they lived is still standing in Jackson County Kentucky. 


Seventeen children was born into the family. Fourteen children lived to be grown and have children of their own. Those fourteen children produced 98 grandchildren and my generation of great grandchildren is still growing. 

We were left with a wonderful heritage. I wish I could have heard them pray. Some of my favorite stories Dad tells are of prayer meetings at Grandma and Grandpa"s. I am proud to be a member of their family. I am looking forward to the day I get to see them in Heaven. 

I enjoy looking at pictures and seeing videos clips of my Great Grandparents testifying and singing. I remember listening to Grandma Bessie sing on a cassette when I was a little girl. 

While researching for this post I found a blog post about Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs from 2009 written by Sonya Isaacs. I think you will enjoy reading it.

Have a fantastic weekend. 


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