Sunday, September 18, 2016

View Out The Front Window - September 18, 2016

Check out our posts from the last week at the links below. 

Odie's post from Saturday is one of the best she has ever written and I highly recommend it. The true miraculous story she wrote about is beautiful enough but then she posted a picture of my beautiful little girl when she was four years old.

How could anyone resist a face like this?

We are beginning revival this morning at Dodds Pentecostal Church. Since it is right next door we will remain parked at the barn. I meant to move the bus inside the barn today but did not get to it so this is our view again this week.

If the weather cooperates the Sunday night service will be at 6:00 PM next to the Little Miami River along Hwy 350 near Ft. Ancient and right next to Morgan's canoe rental. We will be having service and then a baptizing. Monday through Wednesday will in the church at 7:00 PM. Come be with us.


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