Friday, September 16, 2016

Mowing and Preaching

Thursday was a good day to be alive and well in our little corner of the world. I am well aware that all of that could change in a heartbeat so I am very thankful for smooth sailing. One phone call, one text message, one knock on the door could send our lives into a tailspin and we would be hanging on for dear life.

Some of you may be there right now. You may be dealing with health issues, financial setbacks, marriage problems, wayward children, mind battles or a million other troubles and trials. You may be wishing for calm water and no wind, but the storm may be raging on. I wish I could tell you when it is going to be alright but I can not know the times.

But it will even out down the road. You must trust me on this one. It will get better. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep making right decisions. Keep putting the mess in God's hands. Hold friends and family tightly. Hold grudges and gold loosely. Read your Bible and good material. Pray and pray some more. Go to church and get involved in a good loving church family. Listen to preaching. The Word of God and the preacher are your friends.

I told Kelly Jo Wednesday that I wish some one had told me during some of my darkest times, "Hang on Davy, it is not always going to be this bad. Do the right things and some day you will look back on this dark time from a long distance and you will see that God was helping you all along."

I wish I had known that. Maybe someone did tell me and maybe I was in too much turmoil to hear it clearly or believe it. Can you grab hold of it, brother or sister? Hang on friend. God will help. In fact, God is helping you even now. 

You say you can not see His hand at work? You say you can not feel His presence near you? I get that. I have felt that. I have been there. I have wondered if He was near. But He is near, friend. He is working. He is bringing you to a good end and not evil. It may take a while. It will take a while. But you will see it.

Not everything is perfect in our world right now. We have friends and family that are hurting and struggling to breathe emotionally. We have some areas in our lives that need work. Not all goes according to plan and the prognosis for other things looks dim. However, most things are smooth and I am very, very thankful for that.

That brings me back to our good day yesterday. Kelly Jo and Odie were down in Hillsboro visiting KJ's family and having a good time. My main task for the day was getting the grass knocked down at the Lazy OD Ranch. I worked in the barn until the grass was dry enough to mow and then I went to work. About two hours later, this was the result.

The grass was pretty high so the leftover cuttings look like they need to baled but that does not worry me. I am more of a concrete lawn guy myself but grass is cheaper and more convenient for the time being.

My next task for the day was trying to be prepared to preach at Dryden Rd. Thursday night. It was practically all I thought about since the moment my Pastor asked me Wednesday to be ready to preach.

Thinking about it and actually getting it done are two different things, so I set in trying to find the mind of God pretty early. We did have a good service and I feel like God helped us. I love preaching at Dryden Rd. but that does not make it any less nerve wracking for me.

It was good to be home and to see everyone for one service. I say it a lot, but it is great to have a Pastor and home church that prays for us, believes in us and loves us. We love them too!

Thanks for reading.


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