Thursday, September 8, 2016

Travel Day - Waynesville to West Harrison, Indiana

Today was a short travel day but still requires all the work of a long travel day. Get the bus ready to ride, hook up the Green Machine and reverse it all when we arrive at the church, plus set up the sound system. Thankfully the driving part was very short so that makes up for it.

Dad and Mom brought Odie to the BoggsMobile and we pulled out of the Ranch about 1:00 PM. 

Our first stop was the new Flying J at exit 32 on I-71 to empty the holding tanks. We have been waiting a long time for this Flying J to open. It is only a very few miles out of the way for us when we are going south from home so that makes it convenient.

The drive around Cincinnati was smooth and traffic was light. It was a pleasant drive to West Harrison Pentecostal Tabernacle near West Harrison, Indiana. We have preached here several times and stayed here in our last fifth wheel but this is the first time having the BoggsMoble at the church. It is nice, comfortable and quiet.

We had a good first service and we are looking forward to God helping us all each service. The services will begin Thursday and Saturday at 7:00 PM but Friday night starts at 7:30. Friday is fellowship meeting for the area fellowship so they give them 30 extra minutes to gather in. Sunday's Homecoming service begins at 7:30.

On a very sad note, we have been trying to process some more tragic news since Tuesday night. Bro. Dake Goodwin died in a car accident while working Tuesday. Dake was a huge part of his Dad's church in Livingston, Texas. We were at Beech Creek Assembly, Pastor Don Goodwin and their wonderful church earlier this year. They are now heart broken and need God's help desperately and will for a very long time.

Long time friends of ours may remember us preaching several revivals for Pastor Bob Goodwin in Neosho, Missouri. Dake is Bro. Bob Goodwin's grandson. Please help us pray for this whole family.

Below are some pictures of Dake that Odie found for me.



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