Saturday, September 10, 2016

Grandest of the Grands

Hey friends, this is Odie coming to you from West Harrison, Indiana. This has been a fabulous week. I enjoyed a few extra days at home. My parents worked lots of long hours at the Lazy OD Ranch. All of their hard work is paying off. Their many projects are looking fantastic. 

Since Wednesday night we have been in revival at West Harrison Pentecosal Tabernacle. It is a privilege to be here with Pastor Wade Hicks and the church. We are looking forward to our final two services. Tonight begins at 7:00 and Homecoming tomorrow at 11:00. Please join us for if you can. 

Tomorrow is also a special day set aside on the calendar to honor grandparents. I know I am blessed with the grandest of grands. I am thankful to God for the blessing He has given me in them. 

I wanted to take today to let my Mamaw and Papaw Boggs and Gran and Papaw Morgan know once again that I love you from the bottom of my heart! In fact "I love you" does not truly express my admiration for you. I love you more than my words can express.



I am thankful I get to see my grandparents as often as I do. I cherish every moment that I have with them.

I love spending time with you. Thank you for loving me and encouraging me. You all are definitely the best! I am proud to be your oldest granddaughter. That means you have loved me longer than any of the other grandchildren! Happy Grandparents Day!

Thanks for checking in. Have a great weekend!


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