Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unexpected Encouragement

Hi friends, we have reached the final Saturday of February 2016. This is Odie coming to you from Texas. We are looking forward to being in Plano, Texas for morning service tomorrow. This will be our first visit to First Assembly. Pastor Tommy Goodwin invited us and we are thrilled we could be in service with them.

The plan for next week is for the BoggsMobile to head farther west. We are excited to be going westward. Who knows what adventures we will find along the way.

Since I wrote last week we had exciting things happen. We had fantastic time in New York last weekend. If you missed Dad's Weekend Woundup and Weview last Monday please read it. God allowed us to meet so many great people and he gave us favor by touching people in the services. I am thankful for the friendships that were started from our quick trip. I am looking forward to a return trip to New York.

Then we enjoyed a quick stop over in Nashville, Tennessee. There is definitely more to come about our time in Nashville. The equipment that was donated to us for City Reach is amazing! We drove a Budget rental truck from Nashville to Texas. It is a good thing that we are a close family. We had 700 plus miles of close family time in the cab of that truck. We had a great time making memories.

I love getting notes from my young friends. Sometimes I get them before or after church. A lot the times their notes reflect their childlike faith. I want to keep the faith of of a child.

Thursday we received our mail from home. I received the sweetest note from Calley Taylor of Laurel, Mississippi. It made my day! She drew a picture of me and the caption read, "You are gitting Hilled!"

Click on the picture below to make it bigger for better viewing.

Calley, I treasure your faith and encouragement! Thank you for sharing your masterpiece with me. I believed I will be healed. And God used you to encourage me. 

I want to encourage everyone reading to keep believing God. Our God turns impossibilities into possible realities, in His time. Also take a little time to be an encourager. A card, call, text, a kind word or deed can brighten someone's day unexpectedly. It feels good to help somebody see a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

Have a God Blesses Weekend. I pray you find extra unexpected encouragement today. Thank you for reading!


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