Friday, February 26, 2016

Pictures From This Week's Travel

Well, I did not stay in bed 12 hours Wednesday night like I wanted to but I did sleep almost 7 hours and that is pretty good for me. I woke up ready to get with it so I must have rested all I needed.

Odie had taken a few pictures from our travel days this week that have not been posted. I will remedy that right now. 

This Deli was a few gates down from our departing gate at JFK on Monday.

Here we are at the gate ready to go. Bro. Wade's flight was just a few minutes after ours and was going out right next to ours.

I guess we received phone calls at the same time.

Odie took some pictures from the plane.

This was a gravel pit as we were about to land in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tuesday we rented a Budget truck in Nashville and picked up some equipment that was donated to City Reach. I am excited to tell you all about that some time next week probably.

By Tuesday late afternoon we were loaded and headed west.

Driving in the rain was no fun at all!

Wednesday the rain was mostly gone and we had only the high winds to contend with.

That pretty much sums up our three travel days this week in pictures. Thursday we worked on sorting and arranging equipment and figuring out how we can haul it all. We had a lot of fun playing with all the new stuff but we worked hard and long too. It was after 11:00 before we went in the bus and sat down last night. 

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