Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Glitch at Golden Corral

I think there is a computer glitch at Golden Corral. We stopped at Golden Corral in Baton Rouge on my 49th birthday on our way to Mississippi after the dedication service in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. You may remember we stopped at the same Golden Corral on our way through the day before.

Well, all was normal on Friday but I noticed something different about our bill on Saturday January 16, 2016. Do you notice the anything strange about the bill?

They charged us for one buffet and gave us a discount for two senior buffets on my 49th birthday! I did not realize it until we were nearly finished eating. We thought it was hilarious and we got a good kick out of it. I took a picture of the receipt so I could post it but I forgot all about it.

I forgot until we stopped at Golden Corral north of Houston this last Saturday. We were nearly finished eating our lunch again when I noticed they had done it again. The senior lunch buffet discount was 60 cents and they gave it to us again.

I guess I must look extremely older since I turned 49 OR they have a microchip implanted in all old folks and I set the alarm off when I walk in the door. If that is the case, then the chip readers at the Houston Golden Corral AND the Baton Rouge Golden Corral are malfunctioning. We checked the sign on the way out and the senior discount starts at age 60!

Something needs to be re calibrated. Until they fix it, I guess I will enjoy the discount!

Have a great day and enjoy your senior coffee!



  1. I noticed the same error on our ticket just this week. Priscilla and I ate at a fairly new place in town, Sniders, and that coveted senior discount was applied. I think it is directly related to the age of the cashier. Young cashier = senior discount! Older cashier = no discount
    Or they may notice the gray hair on the wife and provide the discount to the younger looking husband as a courtesy.

    1. KJ wants to know if you were afraid to sign your name to that comment, Bro. Bruce?

      I think you are on to something with the "young cashier" line of thinking. But if they were giving the discount to us because one of us looked older then I am sure my teenage bride was receiving the courtesy discount.


    2. This is the gray haired spouse, and we all know any gray hair KJ has, SHE EARNED.

    3. You are exactly correct my dear Sister! She earned every one of them!



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