Monday, February 1, 2016

#5 Weekend Woundup and Weview

Friday started early for me. I had all my morning routine completed and I was on my way to Walmart by 6:30 to have the oil changed in the Green Machine. I wanted to be first in line and I was. I had a Walmart gift card to use for the oil change but I ended up finding $30 worth of stuff I could not live with out. My "free" oil change cost me $30!

That reminds me of spending the night parked at Walmart in Lumberton, Texas last Sunday. We parked for "free" and walked inside and spent $50! So much for free stuff.

Speaking of free, gasoline is almost free. This is the least I have paid in many, many years. We saw it even cheaper than that going through Houston on Saturday.

It does not take much to fill up the Green Machine at all. At $1.46 per gallon I am tempted to pump a few gallons on the ground just for fun. Of course, all our friends that depend on the oil business to make a living are not laughing. There has got to be a happy medium some where.

After the oil change and gasoline fill up at Walmart I stopped by Lowe's. I needed an item or two in order to finish up a project I started in Ellisville. I worked on that till lunch time and finished it up. I will try to post about that later.

One of the families from church brought lunch on Friday and it was fabulous.

Hey girl! You look great in my Kubota hat!

Friday afternoon some friends stopped in to visit for a few minutes. Greg and Jan White are full time RVers and they winter in the Houston area near their children and grandchildren. They were in Livingston Friday and made an effort to spend some time with us. It was very nice of them to do so.

Greg writes a daily blog that I read and we first met them in person about 18 months ago. They were in Ohio then and we took them and another couple to Acapulco. Where else would I take some one in Ohio, right?

It was great to see them again. Hopefully we will see them again soon and have time for a longer visit.

Odie and Jan


Friday night we finished revival with a wonderful service. We sure appreciate Pastor Don Goodwin and all of his folks for inviting us to be with them. May God bless them for all of their kindness and hospitality.

We cranked up Saturday morning, hooked up to the tent trailer and began the short but treacherous trip to Sweeny. It was short because it was only about 150 miles. It was treacherous because we had to drive across Houston. Wow! That was hard on my nerves!

I knew that Houston can be very busy but I figured Saturday morning might be passable. I figured completely wrong. Saturday morning might be better than a weekday but it was very crowded and very hectic. I slowed down and crept along for miles keeping the BoggsMobile and the tent trailer under control the whole way through.

We did find a Golden Corral on the north side of town and stopped in for a bite of lunch. The place was completely packed out! It turns out they were having a conceal carry class in the Golden Corral and there were probably 100 people taking it. I love Texas!

Soon we were pulling into Sweeny and Pastor Larry Lamb was helping us get pulled in and parked.

Saturday evening I had my annual conference call board meeting with the board of Boggs Family Ministries. It went well as usual. I have great board members and I am thankful that Bro. John Eaton and Bro. Kurt McCrorey are willing to help us. Getting that meeting behind me means I am finished with most of the accounting and book work that must be completed in December and January. Praise the Lord.

We began revival yesterday at Full Gospel Lighthouse. This is one of the churches we first came to over 25 years ago when we evangelized in the early 90's. Pastor Larry Lamb and his folks have been so good to us through the years and coming here is like coming home in many ways.

Pastor Larry Lamb and Davy

We had two great services to get started Sunday. Please pray that God will help us the next five nights. I would love to see a bunch of folks get saved in this revival. We know that God is able.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. Thank you for reading.


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