Thursday, February 18, 2016

Look What The Lord Has Done in Castle Rock, Colorado

Most long term readers here know that we have a soft spot for churches that are just getting started. We need to spread the Gospel message far and wide and planting churches where there are no or very few conservative Pentecostal churches is a great way to do it.

We have tried diligently to bolster new church efforts physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. It is always very satisfying to see them leap out of the nest and soar by winning souls, training converts and going forward in ministry.

I love to proclaim the triumphs of these churches when God visits them and helps them. I received a great report from Pastor James McCoy in Castle Rock, Colorado last week concerning their desperate need for a building in a super expensive real estate market. I think he sums it up best in his own words.

Pastor McCoy gave me permission to post the following below. I hope you enjoy reading what the Lord has done for this congregation and join us in praising God for them!


A miracle near the mountains!

Hello, from Denver, Colorado.  I’m Pastor James of Liberty Holiness Tabernacle.  We are still excited to have a work in the Denver area and are looking forward to watching God work in the Rockies!

February has been an overwhelming month in a miraculous way.  A young lady, fresh out of Bible college, prayed in the night for our church.  The very next day, as she worked in a womans clothing store, all the female clothing customers left and two guys showed up.  The guys said they felt like the Lord sent them and asked our young church lady if she has anything big they could help pray about.

The young lady said I’ve been praying about our church which is small currently meeting in the pastors’ house and need a location. One guy chuckled and said “I know why I’m here” and gave the young lady a phone number.

I received a text of the happening pretty quick.  I then called and made contact with one of these gentlemen.  He informed me that he has a building that is used as a childrens dance theatre, lessons, and another startup church just left and outgrew the building and Sunday morning and Wednesday nights are available for use.  We scheduled a time to meet and walked through the place.  It was perfect place that seats up to 70, a PA system, choir mics, a stage.  However, I knew rent goes for about 3 or 4 thousand a month out here and we had about 1/10th of that that we could commit.  

So, I asked the question, how much would you rent it for ?  The guys reply was...

“the way I’d like to work it is, what can you afford? And as you grow, it could increase”.  I then said I’ll pray about it.  I asked the church to pray and fast to ensure we know this is God and that we respond correctly. With Gods Hand all over this, I talked to God and a few close preacher friends and then scheduled lunch with the guy.  I looked the guy in the eye and said that we could only afford a few hundred a month.   The guy said “great, when can you start?”

Praise the Almighty!   God has opened a door and we start having services at a new location. 740 Wilcox Street   Castle Rock, CO 80104 starting February 28th.   Oh yes, by the way, The location is on Wilcox street which is the main street going to downtown castle rock and about 70 yards from the interstate.  God has already provided a way for us to get outside signs !  Every member of the church has been telling of this miracle and we have four families or single folks that promised to come to the first service (Feb 28th at 11AM) and one family and another individual are not saved.  I am in awe of how God moved this month and pray that God add souls to His kingdom at west.

The website has been updated with the new location and the visiting ministers.  Check it out at and pray that God continues to move that people turn their heart toward God.   We pray this is just a start for God to put holiness churches in the west.  We have started a missions fund and a building fund.  We have seen a soul saved and a young person filled with the Holy Ghost and look forward to God moving much more !

We see the state of Colorado and Denver in particular as an American mission field.  According to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 3 million people in the Denver metro area.  Castle Rock is projected to triple over the next 5 years.  We live in an area that has more pot shops than starbucks. As far as we know, Liberty Holiness Tabernacle is the only independent holiness church within 50 miles of Denver and we know of only one other church in an eight hour radius.  Our long-term vision is for us to grow in the Lord as individuals and a church to the point that we can support other preachers and works in Colorado and the Denver area.

Our world is filled with so many humanistic ideas, carnal programs, and man centered churches.  This is nowhere more obvious than in the western US.  Each day, millions of people wake up and see the beauty of God’s creation in the Rocky Mountains and never give thought to the Creator. 

During our prayer meetings, the Lord led us to establish a tag line for the church: “Real People. Real Needs. Real God.”  We believe in our modern society there are many people who want something real.  They are discouraged by man’s everyday processes and programs and want something more.  They see through the man-made gods formed to fit people’s desires and want a God who can direct their lives.  At Liberty Holiness Tabernacle, we want people to see that we are real, that we all have real needs, and that we are truly serving a real God.  A God who does not only take over our services, but takes over our hearts and lives as well.

I realize the task we have undertaken will have its challenges.  God has shown favor and moved mightily ! If you are ever in the Denver area, we would love to have you in service.  We are now meeting at 740 Wilcox Street Castle Rock, CO 80104.  Service Times are Sunday Morning at 11am and Wednesday night at 7pm.

Thank you for all the prayers ! and we desire your prayers that God would have 2, 3, 100's of Holiness churches out west.

God bless,

Bro. James McCoy

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