Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2015 In The Rear View Mirror Part 5

This is our last installment of 2015 In the Rear View Mirror. I ended up with a whole lot of pictures in this post! You can see the other four installments at the links below.

Looking back over the year brings lots of great memories of wonderful services, saints that were encouraged and men and women that heard the Gospel story and responded by giving their lives to Christ! That makes every mile driven, every dollar spent and every ounce of strength expended worth it! We have been blessed of God in 2015, that is for sure!

Thank you for sharing the ride with us. According to Blogger we have several hundred of you that tune in most every day and we sure appreciate it. We hope you enjoy tracking out progress as we post about the grace of God, great churches, Pastors, people, revivals, missions, music, family, food, fellowship, fun, the BoggsMobile, our travels and who knows what else.

We also hope you enjoy all of the pictures! Today we finish reviewing the pictures from 2015 by beginning with the BoggsMobile in mid-March and going back to a picture of the BoggsMobile the first day of January.

Thanks for reading.


My favorite church sign of the year!

A little BoggsMobile work in Mississippi!

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