Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Travel, Trailers and A Good Tired

Yesterday started early in Gainesville, Texas. The BoggsMobile was cranked up, the trailer was hooked up and we were pulling out of House of Prayer by 7:00 AM. We made a stop at Flying J at Ardmore, Oklahoma to empty the holding tanks and then another stop near Stroud, Oklahoma near11:00 to eat breakfast/lunch.

This is a picture of the monster omelet that Kelly Jo cooked for me.

That is definitely the breakfast omelet with the lunch inside! I added some homemade salsa from Sis. Linda at Ft. Worth and it was perfect!

By 11:55 we were pulling onto the Sapulpa, Oklahoma camp meeting grounds where Bro. Radcliffe lives, exactly five hours after we left Gainesville. We dropped the trailer and Bro. Jimmie hooked it up to his truck and pulled it next to his trailer.

We had planned for this process to take at least two days because Bro. Jimmie needed to load things properly so the contents would ride well AND so that the contents would be in the correct order. We new that would take some planning and some time. 

After a while of looking and thinking we started carrying and we were a long ways toward being finished within six hours. Six hours for a bunch oi figuring, then transferring 400 chairs, all the side poles, the center poles, all the stakes, all the tent bags, straps, tarps, carpet, banners, generators, sledge hammers, fence posts and a few thousand other things! Not bad at all.

The whole process was very smooth and quick. Bro. Jimmie being ready and having thought things through a million times before hand really, really helped.

I did not get any pictures of the trailers together and I did not get any good pictures after the contents were transferred. I am sure we will have pictures later.

Bro. Jimmie will build storage along the walls for all of the miscellaneous stuff and that will take some time. But we were amazed at how well the transfer went. Kelly Jo jumped in like she always does and did as much work as we did. We could not have done it without her! It was a really great day. 

Soon Bro. Jimmie's trailer will be finished and the Volvo truck will hook up and we will be pulling into a city near you. We can hardly wait! Thank you for praying for us. We are overwhelmed at times with all the logistics but on days like this we definitely sense the hand of God leading and guiding. We are very thankful for it.

We went for a great meal afterward. The food was good and the fellowship was even better. After all of that was over, it was time to hit the sack and I think we all were tired enough to sleep a day or two! We were tired but it was a satisfied tired, a good tired!

We have more things to work on today so I best get to it. Thanks for reading.


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