Saturday, July 11, 2015

Odie's Travel Day

 Hey friends, 

This is Odie writing to you from Montana. It is great to be back in this beautiful state and be with my wonderful friends the Metzger family again! These are some of the finest folks in the world and it is an honor to spend time with them.

My travel day from Ohio to Montana went very well. I had to be at the airport very early and cousin Lisa and cousin Deidre were kind enough get up early and take me. I had a very tight connection on the way but thankfully I made it. Sis. Metzger and Rachel met me at the Missoula airport and took me safely to their home. I really appreciate all the help.

We are looking forward to revival beginning on Sunday.  My phone signal around here is very spotty and Dad's will be too. If you try to call or text us this week there is a good chance you will land on the ground some where between cell towers so be careful.

I typed this while in town Thursday and Dad scheduled it Thursday night to post this morning. By the time you read this Dad and Mom should be here with me.

I hope you all are having a great week. Here are a few pictures from my travel day on Wednesday. 


A USB port! Yay!

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