Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Morgan Family Adventures

Hey Friends, 
This is Odie once again. If you have not seen Sunday and Monday's post, check them out. I know there will be many more breath taking Alaskan pictures to come.

 I am excited to hear a complete update from the great adventure of 2015!  I know my parents and their traveling crew has had a superb time. 

Today I wanted to show y'all some more pictures from my time in Hillsboro with my Mom's family. 

Last Monday afternoon we were hanging out at my Aunt and Uncles. We were having a great evening enjoying food and laughing. Then we were alerted to a tornado warning in their county. We hightailed it to my grandparents, at this point it was sunny. 

We could tell a storm was brewing. Thankfully we made it to the basement before the storm hit. Praise God we were all safe. It was definitely a Kansas, Oklahoma type of storm. It really could have been much worse. 

What could I do during the storm? Take pictures for the blog. My family thought I was crazy. 

Seth was worried. 

The boys thought they were protected huddled under a blanket. 

Thursday in was the beginning of the Festival of the Bells in Hillsboro. My Uncle's church had a booth selling Pepsi products. It was a long but fun day to cap off my Morgan family time. 

Please pray for a young lady named Lacey. She works at the diner that was near the church's booth. Lacey needs God's help. Her 4 year old child has brain tumors. 

I am thrilled I was a able to have a few days with the Morgan crew. Thanks to my awesome family for all your help along the way! I love you all so much!

Today is my last full day in Ohio. Pray for me I plan to fly out to Montana tomorrow morning. 


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