Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wow 5 Years Since Bowling Family Accident

Five years ago we were enjoying a fabulous day in Montana.  On that day in history we had a rare blog post from Kelly Jo. The afternoon of July 1, 2010 I was sitting outside viewing God's beautiful handiwork at Sun Valley Church.

My phone began ringing. A friend who lived in the Charlotte, North Carolina area called to tell me about a bus wreck in their area. The traffic in the area was at a stand still, and they had heard the wreck was connected to the Crabb Family.

In a few minutes we learned it was indeed the Bowling Family that was in the accident.  Some of the injuries involved were serious.  I know my family along with countless others went to prayer for them. God came through once again and carried them through their valley! This was not an overnight process, but they survived. It is an amazing testimony! Praise the Lord for helping the Bowlings! There are several videos and news stories in the Google archives.

Looking at the picture below you can see it is a miracle that there were not any fatalities on this bus. 

Mike, Kelly, their 3 daughters, Terah Crabb Penhollow and other band members were spared in this horrible crash. 

I think of their wreck nearly every time we roll down the road. Thank God for his protecting hand on us! We have lived in a bus for 7 years. Any bus wreck hits close to home for me.

The Bowling Family first on Stage performance after the accident at National Quartet Convention 2010

It was great to see the Bowlings of 2015 on my cruise earlier in the year. they are doing well, and gladly proclaiming God's goodness to them!

The current Bowlings line up features Mike, Kelly and Hope with guest The Bowling Sisters

Mike Bowling

Kelly Crabb Bowling

Hope Bowling

Katelanne Bowling

Gracie Bowling

Odie and Mike

Odie and Kelly 

Until next time. 


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