Monday, July 6, 2015

Our View In Alaska Tuesday and Wednesday #2

I hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday. Here are a few more.

Tuesday in Juneau, Alaska

I left the boat early in the morning in Juneau with a firm sense of purpose but having no idea what that purpose was. I sat right by the ship on a stone ledge waiting for the right person or opportunity to come along. After about two hours I walked up the street full of vendors and shops and then spied a park about a block away next to the water.

I sat down on a bench and prayed. While I was praying a homeless woman sat on the bench and asked for some money for a drink. It did not take a genius to know she was probably my purpose for the day. After a few questions I told her that I had exactly what she needed, 

I told her up front that I would not finance her addictions but that what she needed the most that day was the knowledge that God loved her passionately and had made a way for her to be absolutely free from the addictions and sins that she hated AND that He hated.

I had her full attention for about 5-7 minutes and I gave her the Gospel as best I could. My heart was bursting and my eyes were leaking profusely. She did not want to pray herself but asked me to pray for her. I prayed as heaven came down and God visited us on that park bench with people walking all around us. It was an amazing visitation from the Lord!

Later I met a street preacher that was saved from 30 years of alcoholism about two years ago. I asked him if he knew the lady and he did. I told him to go find her and try to reach her because it was obvious God was reaching for her.

Praise God for His love and tender compassion toward us!

On the agenda for Juneau was a trip to Gold Creek Salmon Bake for All-You-Can-Eat Fresh Alaskan Salmon! Wow!

Panning for gold and striking it rich!

Wednesday in Skagway, Alaska the Gateway of the Klondike Gold Rush Trail.

More pictures later.


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