Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Travel Day

It was a very sad goodbye when we parted from the Metzger family Tuesday evening. These folks are some of the finest in the world and we sure are glad God brought them into our lives over 10 years ago. Sis. Metzger and two of the girls Abigail and Jessica took us to the airport in Missoula and it was hard to see them go. By God's grace we will be back around.

Bro. Metzger and his son Peter worked Monday and Tuesday so I spent most of the day Monday resting and getting ready for revival this week near Denver. Kelly Jo and Odie went to town with Sis. Metzger and some of her girls. They did a little shopping (Odie's boots bit the dust), a little walking, a little sightseeing and a little eating. It sounded like they had a great time.

Kelly Jo and Odie spent most of the time Tuesday packing and visiting with all the Metzger girls. 

Our flight from Missoula to Denver was an evening flight so we were in no hurry to get to the airport. We left the house about 6:30 and arrived at the airport in Missoula about 7:20.

We were flying with Frontier because they were by far the cheapest. The flight was very smooth, arrived early and the service was fine but they sure tried hard to make up some of the money they lost on the cheap fare. We had flown them once before years ago but lots has changed since then.

They charge for checked luggage like most every one does now but they also charge even more for carry on bags and for all the snacks and drinks. They even charge extra if you want to sit in a specific seat near some one else in your party. That fee was a new one on me.

Even with all the extras it was still cheaper than the other airlines and we arrived safely.

Pastor James McCoy picked us up at the Denver airport near midnight and delivered us to our hotel just a couple of exits from the church in Castle Rock. We are supposed to begin revival tonight and we are excited about it. This is a pioneer work less than two years old and we anxious to put our shoulder to the wheel and help all we can.

Thanks for hanging with us the last few weeks with limited internet availability. We should be back to daily posting now.


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