Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Night of Revival In Castle Rock, Colorado

Revival is up and running at Liberty Holiness Tabernacle. We are so blessed to be with Pastor James McCoy and his family and church this week near Castle Rock, Colorado. This is a pioneer work that was started in October 1013. They are meeting in the basement of the McCoy's house and they are enjoying the blessings of God on their work. We love to help folks that are trying to do something for God so we are tickled to be here in revival.

Revival kicked off to a good start last night. God blessed through the whole service and especially in the altar service. Help us pray that God will encourage the saints and save the lost. We know He is able to do it.

We have known Bro. James for about 30 years and Sis. Tara McCoy was raised in Corwin church about a mile from where I was raised. W have known her about all our lives. It is great to see them out here doing a work for God. There are others in the church that we have been acquainted with and it is good to see them too. I will tell you more about some of them later in the week.

Thanks for reading today.


Pastor James McCoy and Davy

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