Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our View Friday In Alaska Through Monday #1

I need to call you to special prayer for our dear friend Pastor Chris Whiffen from Haines City, Florida. Bro. Whiffen was involved in a car accident yesterday and he is broken up very badly. He is facing several surgeries for broken bones in several places and the doctors are still determining the extent of his internal injuries. It is a miracle that he is alive at all and we are praising God for that. Please pray for Bro. and Sis. Whiffen, their family and their church.

Check out our post from this week.  We love hearing from our readers.

I appreciate Odie picking up the slack while we have been out of cell phone and internet range for several days. She has been writing some good posts and I admit it has been very nice to have a break. Her post from Sunday was especially good. Take a moment to read it and digest it if you have not had a chance to do so yet.

We have been having a great trip with my parents, Kelly Jo's parents and my brother Steve and his wife Karen. We have been snapping pictures along the way so while I have signal I thought I would put some posts of pictures together. I hope you enjoy.

Friday and Saturday

We had a chair ready but no Odie 

Changing buses unexpectedly on a busy downtown street. It was pretty exciting.

The Canadian border

Such a small ice cream cone.

Hi Ma and Pa!

Sunday in Ketchican, Alaska

Monday Hoonah, Icy Straight Point Alaska

We have seen lots of Bald Eagles. There is one in the top of the tree.

I will have some more pictures the next few days.


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