Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Off To Big Sky Country!


It is Odie writing again. Most of the day I will be traveling by air to Montana. It will be great to be with the Metzger family again! We love them so much and love being in their home and church. My parents will join me in Montana this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

It is a good possibility that we will not have enough signal to post much while in Montana. Dad is going to try to schedule some Alaska picture posts over the next few days but if you do not hear much from us you will know why.

Before I fly out I wanted to give you some great food pictures to feast on. 

This week I visited Acapulco twice for lunch. It is still the best Mexican food around. If you are near Lebanon, Ohio I highly recommend this restaurant!

Monday's lunch we had some girl first cousin time. It was wonderful catching up with Deidre and Lauren. Next month they both will head to college. Deidre will be a senior this year and Lauren will be a freshman. 

Monday night I had a blast hanging out with Theresa, Jay, Lauren, Luke, Tommy, Holly and Jonas. Thanks for inviting me along for pizza and Ice cream!

Tuesday Deidre and I along with Lisa  landed  back at Acapulco one final time for this visit home. It was extremely yummy. I know I will taste it again very soon!

We then journeyed on to West Chester, Ohio. We have planned for a while to check out the IKEA store. I will have pictures from that in a later post. 

Have wonderful day!


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