Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travel Days

These neighbors pulled in to the RV Park this week in North Dakota. I thought the smart care looked pretty cool behind the huge motorhome. The smart car sure was pushing hard.

Tuesday we spent another evening around the campfire. Kelly Jo read a chapter from Robert Hardy's Seven Days and then we roasted hot dogs and Mexican S'mores.

I know you want to see a few pictures of the Mexican S'mores!

Have I said how much I have enjoyed Kelly Jo's cooking this week?

The Green Machine suffered a small injury this week. We were not driving at all. I got in Wednesday morning to run to town and  right in front of my face the windshield was cracked. I could not believe my eyes. It started on the very edge so we must have had a rock hit it on our Canada trip Monday and cracked later. We had not driven on the road at all on Tuesday.

We tried counting how many windshields we have replaced in just the last 15 years but we quickly lost count. I guess we will add one more to the count. I will call ahead to Wichita and see if we can get it replaced there.

Thursday we left Graham's Island State Park about 10:45 and made our way toward Fargo, North Dakota. We had dropped the trailer on our way through Fargo a week ago and we were relieved to find it safe and sound Thursday afternoon.

We hooked up to the trailer and then pulled into the Flying J at Fargo and called it a day. We only traveled 200 miles but it seemed about right. Kelly Jo and the girls needed to do laundry really bad and there was a laundromat about 3 miles away. They were back about 6:00 and we threw the laundry inside and went to get a bite or two to eat.

They spent the evening putting all the clothes away and we read the fifth chapter of Robert Hardy's Seven Days before going to bed.

I know we only traveled 200 miles but what a difference those miles made in our scenery. We went from this...

To this in just 200 miles.

Wow! What a change! But we have spent so much time in truck stops the last 28 years they almost feel like home. Odie says she needs to hear "Shower number 7 is now ready" over the parking lot speaker to be able to sleep good. Poor girl was raised in a car.

We fueled up at Flying J in Fargo this morning (Friday) and pointed south about mid morning. I was planning to drive to Soiux City, Iowa and spend another night in our second home (Flying J).

We were making good time so I decided to see if our stopping place for Saturday night had room for us Friday, and they did. It was only about 125 more miles so we came on in. 

We are near Pender, Nebraska at the Blue Ox Factory RV Park. We have an appointment to have our Blue Ox tow bar serviced first thing Monday morning and they have a campground right here. 

It is a very nice park with 50 amp electric for $15 per night. The even have a few concrete pad sites and they put us in one of those. 

The tow bar is what I use to pull the Green Machine behind the BoggsMobile. I have used it five years and it is in pretty sad shape. 

We are supposed to be in Omaha Sunday and Pender is almost right on the way. They offer factory service for $25 so I thought it was worth a try to see if they can help it. We will remain parked here and drive the car to Omaha Sunday. 

This is absolutely beautiful farm country. Kelly Jo took some pictures on the way in but we have very little phone service. I am not even sure if I will be able to post what I have written. I guess we will all know soon enough. 

Thanks for reading. 


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