Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New BoggsMobile???

Could it be a new BoggsMobile? 

You know that nothing is permanent in life, right? There is nothing even close permanent in the life of an evangelist, especially these evangelists!

New and different is a big part of our life. There is a new church every week, new people, new friends, new experiences, new foods, new sights, new songs and new sermons. Well, OK, maybe new songs and sermons is a slight exaggeration. But you get the point. Real life for us is constant change.

It stands to reason that eventually even the BoggsMobile must be replaced. Nothing in this life stays the same forever and the BoggsMobile is no exception. 

Thankfully that day is still in the future. We are very comfortable in the bus and hope it is our home on wheels until the Lord comes back for His church! I realize that God could change my plans in a heartbeat and we are willing to roll with that but we are very content with the few constants we have right now.

But since we left the BoggsMobile in Oklahoma we need a place to stay while in Dayton for campmeeting. We could stay with family in Waynesville but it is 30-40 minutes one way and we would be making that round trip twice a day. With all the services, meals and fellowship at campmeeting, 2 1/2 hours each day on the road would seriously cut into our sleep schedule.

We have stayed in motels in the past and that works pretty good but we love to stay on the grounds when possible. We can park the car and enjoy the meeting when we are staying right here. I can get up early for breakfast and Odie can visit with friends any time. 

Odie remembered that my Dad had bought this class C motorhome as a project and wondered if we could stay in it. It is a nice older camper and is perfect for this. I drove it up here yesterday after we arrived in Ohio. Dad helped me get it all hooked up ane we spent our first night in it Monday. This will be home the next few days.

Sometimes Odie has some brilliant ideas but do not tell her I said that. On occasion when she voices a great idea I look at her and say, "Odie, that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard!" Then I go straight and implement that "stupid" idea as if it were my own brilliant idea. You should see the huge smile on Odie's face when I tell her that!

Bringing Dad's motorhome up here has to rank as one of Odie's top ideas for stupidity.i knew I was feeding her regular for some reason!

By the way, Dad has this rig looking nice and it is for sale! It really is a nice motorhome. It runs great, has three beds, bathroom, kitchen, a nice awning and everything works. If you want more information, drop me a line and I will put you in touch with my Dad.

We had lunch today at one of our hometown favorites. Mmmmmmmmmm Good!

Campmeeting starts tonight! Yippee!


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