Friday, August 16, 2013

Catching a Break or Two!

I know it seems like life is always throwing you a curve and kicking you in the face. We have days and even weeks like that too. In times like that you wake up every morning hoping to catch a break. 
Some days you have to look pretty hard for bright spots. We know that God is in control but its nice to see a little evidence in your everyday life. 

We definitely want to be thankful in every thing, even difficult things, but we want a chance to praise Him for some good things too, right?

Two nice things happened to us this week. Nothing breathtaking. But neat little things that cause us to be thankful. 

You remember the broken windshield? In the interest of lower premiums I pay a higher deductable for glass replacement. With all the glass on the BoggsMobile it helps. 

I have now bought two windshields out of pocket this year so I may need to reconsider that thinking. 
I wanted to replace the one the Green Machine the first full day we were in Wichita. I really did not want to drive 400 miles round trip to Claremore, Oklahoma with that break right in my line of sight. 

I could not get an appointment so I put it off until this week and drove to Oklahoma and back Thursday with the windshield cracked. 

On the way to Tulsa a rock flew up and put a brand new chip in my already damaged windshield. IF my plan had worked out then that new chip would have been in my brand new glass. 

That chip did not bother me at all since the windshield was going to be replaced any way. Since it has happened exactly opposite of that on other occasions I am thankful to catch a break this time. (pun intended)
The second nice thing that happened this week also involves the Green Machine. 

The long green piece of trim above the license plate has the door handle to the lift gate on the bottom side of it. Toyota calls it the lift gate garnish. 

It came loose several weeks ago and closer inspection revealed one side was broken. We fastened it with Velcro and tried to be very careful each time we opened and closed it. 

We load Odie's wheel chair in the back so the garnish was on the edge of falling off every time we drove the Green Machine. 

It needed to be replaced soon. 

When we received mail from home Saturday there was a notice from Toyota. It was a "Warranty Enhancement" notice specifically for that very problem. It did not even require me to be the first owner.

Toyota realized it was a poorly designed piece and completely covered the cost of a replacement on my 2006 Scion Xb. That is a SEVEN year old car.

How cool is that? A "Warranty Enhancement" notice to repair our exact problem on a seven year old car. I do not even know how Toyota knew I owned the car. I have bought a couple of parts from the Toyota dealer but nothing that required me giving them the VIN.

Thank you Jesus.


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