Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Night of Revival in Claremore, Oklahoma

Revival is off to a good start at Westside Holiness Church in Claremore, Oklahoma. We had a good crowd of home folks and some visitors too. I really appreciate the response in the altar service. There is no telling what God will do in lives when we respond to the preaching in the altar.

Kelly and I ate lunch at Ron's Wednesday. The burgers are not as big at this Ron's by a long shot but they are just as tasty. It was so good today. 

Their menu's have advertisements for local businesses.

We thought this one was pretty funny.

Weight loss seems at odds with the super greasy and cheesy hamburgers but I guess the ad is reaching the target audience. Lol!

We had two sets of special visitors Wednesday. Bro. and Sis. Landress were in church with us and it is always a blessing to have them. Bro. Larry had a copy of the new Bible he is having printed and it is beautiful.

3000 of these Bibles are on the way and the money for them has been raised. He still needs about $2000 for shipping so there is still time to help with the expense if you would like too. This Bible combines the best Spanish translation with a good concordance with a durable cover at only $6.50 per Bible. That is awesome.

The other special visitors drove all the way from Montana! Bro. Nathan and Sis. Leah Jeffreys are on their way to Texas for a wedding and detoured up here so they could be in service with us. It was a great treat to see them especially since they brought their son Seth. He was born a few weeks after we were in Montana last year so it was wonderful to finally meet him!

I knew that they were coming but it was a complete surprise to Kelly Jo and Odie. They came early and visited a few hours before church and we enjoyed it so very much. You may remember them from HERE.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures from the first night of revival. We will have more of the rest of the church folks later in the week. Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to hold us up in prayer. 


This ice cream cone looks just a little sickly...


  1. Noticing the address of Ron's. Lynn Riggs Blvd! My middle name just happens to be Lynn...So go have a "Big Daddy" in my honor!

    As always...enjoy the pictures!


    1. That is so funny because we always call that Ray Riggs Blvd!



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