Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Travel Day - Illinois to Oklahoma

Monday was another travel day. We left the Granite City, Illinois area this morning and arrived in Claremore, Oklahoma a little before 5:00 PM. KJ drove about 2 hours so the trip was a breeze. 

A friend and cousin from home, Bennie Purkey, installed Cruise Control on the Green Machine back in June. It has been a blessing to have it on these long trips. 

I think this is the very best way to take advantage of the new Cruise Control. I leaned way back in the passenger seat and let Kelly Jo use it! Lo!l Yep, it seems to work perfectly. 

I know this is hard to believe but we drove right through Springfield, Missouri and we did not stop at Lambert's for lunch. Yes, it is incredible but it is true. 

I think I ate so much last week at Campmeeting that I could not get excited about eating a big meal at Lambert's. I am sure there will be another day for catching throwed rolls and eating too much. 

We pulled into Westside Holiness Church to a beautiful sight. Home Sweet Home! It is amazing how much we miss the bus when we are away from it!

I left the bus in good hands last week. Bro. Jimmy Millikin kept an eye on it for me and you can not get much better than that. He is one of the most dependable and thorough men I know. The BoggsMobile was in great shape. 

It is very hot and pretty humid here in Claremore, Oklahoma. The forecast is for much more of the same this week and maybe a little hotter. 

That is bound to affect tent revival some so we are praying about that. A few weeks ago the weather here was beautiful. God knows what he is doing. If it gets too hot and humid we are only a few steps from the air conditioned building!

Thanks for reading. 



  1. I was working at St. James yesterday and thought saw a nitro-green car go zipping by at bout 90mph! I always stop in at the Loves Truck Stop (which is one exit west of St James)to see if they have their straw hats on sale. Was thinking it would be neat if I saw you'all.

    Glad you made it safe and sound(??) to Oklahoma. God Bless!


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