Saturday, August 17, 2013

Travel Day - Wichita, Kansas to Claremore, Oklahoma

We posted lots of Pictures from revival in Wichita.

We only traveled about 220 miles Saturday from Wichita, Kansas to Claremore, Oklahoma. But all the stops made it seem longer. We stopped to pick up the trailer, twice trying to get fuel, twice trying to find a place to empty the holding tanks and FIVE times at toll gates.  

We literally eased out of the parking lot at Bethany. Kelly Jo did a super job getting the BoggsMobile out of a tight spot, even with a great crowd of witnesses. I was too busy swinging my arms and giving directions to take pictures. 

The first stop was at New Horizon to hook up to the trailer and load up the Green Machine. 

After all the aforementioned stops we unloaded the Green Machine, backed the trailer in and parked the BoggsMobile. 

We drove through about a million bugs trying to kill themselves and several thousand seemed successful on the front of the bus. 

After the bugs were washed off we had a little Mexican food for supper and came back to get ready to load up in the Green Machine and point toward Ohio. 

We hope to leave early in order to be in Sullivan, Missouri to preach Sunday evening. It is supposed to be just a little over 300 miles. 

The route goes right by Lambert's so....

Hope you all have a super Sunday. 


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  1. Right by Lambert's? Brother, you are an old Horseshoe pitcher! (or hand-grenade thrower)

    Be careful and give our pastor a hard time when you see him this week!



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