Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bethlehem Revival Center

We had a wonderful day with Pastor Joe DiMinico, his family and congregation at Bethlehem Revival Center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

We had not been to Omaha in several years and we were thrilled to get to be there. Bro. Joe and his family have been so faithful to visit revival when we are in Wichita with Bro. DiZazzo. They have scheduled vacation and made that trip several times. 

Bro Joe came to Dryden Rd. Indoor fellowship meeting a few years ago. And in 2011 he came to tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. We have been blessed so much by their efforts to fellowship us. 

I hope we were able to return some of that blessing today. God spoke to us so clearly today and I am very thankful for that. 

We had two surprise visitors from Wichita. Bro. Jason DiMinico

And Bro. Keith Underhill. We should see them again Friday. 

We hope to come back soon for a longer visit. May God bless Bro. Joe, Sis. Alma and all their folks for their fine hospitality to our family. 

Here are a few pictures of the RV Park at the Blue Ox Factory in Pender, Nebraska. It is a beautiful evening. 

You can see the tent trailer parked in the Blue Ox parking lot in this picture below. 

God bless you all. 


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