Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th, Weekend Update - Lambert's and Allen Church

We hope you have a great July 4th today. We plan to stay put in this RV park near Salem, South Dakota and give the holiday revelers time to clear out. Most everything within 300-500 miles west of here is filled up  until after the 4th so we would be hard pressed to find a place to park if we moved on today. We are truly in the middle of nowhere so I doubt we will be watching any fireworks. That is OK since we are normally in camp meeting or revival some where and miss the big fireworks shows on a regular basis.

We did have a great 4th back in 2010 in Montana and it made for an interesting blog post. It was 42 in the morning and in the 60s while watching fireworks. You can read about it HERE. It was a super day.

There is news about our weekend below but in honor of the 4th you might want to hear this. Simply awesome singing by some of our favorite folks. Hat tip to Odie for the link.

This last Sunday morning we stayed over at Miami for Sunday School and morning worship. Pastor Mike Stephens preached great and we enjoyed the service and fellowship very much.

We did not stay for lunch because we had a goal in mind. We had to drive within about 15 minutes of Lambert's in Ozark so we wanted to eat lunch there for Kelly Jo's birthday since we new we would be traveling on the 3rd. We made it to Lambert's and had a great meal. Here are some pictures to prove it...

You see the pure joy on Odie's face at the thought of all that good food? That girl has learned from her Daddy well.

I have ordered just about everything on the menu at Lambert's through the years and though it is all good, I had never found the one thing that just kept pulling me in but I think I have found it now. Twice I have ordered the hamburger steak with onions, mushrooms and gravy on top and american cheese inside. Wow! It is delicious....

Odie and Kelly Jo had the Summer Special of smoked pork loin and smoked beef tri-tip. I know the tri-tip was good....

After a great meal we made our way down west of Branson to Allen Pentecostal Church. Long time readers of our  website know that we have been going to Allen Church for a long time. We have been having great services, revivals and wonderful fellowship with these folks dating way back to our Wichita days.

The church is in a beautiful country setting and we have always enjoyed parking there and preaching to these fine folks. It was so good to be back for one service on Sunday night. We had a great time and God moved in a really good prayer line. We are expecting to hear some testimonies from that meeting.

I wish we could have stayed and went out to eat with a bunch of them that were going. We always enjoy the great fellowship but we had a long way to drive to Miami. I was wore out when we arrived back at the BoggsMobile and had a big day in front of us on Monday.

In tomorrow's post I will try to give you the details of our last two travel days and share pictures of a near miss as well. Tune in next


Pictures from Allen Church

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