Sunday, July 8, 2012

Buffalo, Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountains

I spent the day yesterday doing some light maintenance on the BoggsMobile, organizing the tent trailer and catching up on book work for the ministry. Kelly Jo helped me quite a bit and then she and Odie went for a walk through the town of Buffalo.

Buffalo is a pretty town and it is the gateway to the southern end of the Big Horn Mountains. We went through the upper part of the mountains back in 2006 on our way to preach in Montana and Idaho. We were amazed by their beauty and the fact that we had heard so little about them.

I guess that since they are right here in the same state as Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, the Big Horns are overlooked. If they were any where else they would be the main attraction!

Kelly Jo and I drove out into them on Hwy 16 and then some of the side roads Friday evening before sunset.  It was a beautiful drive. Last night we drove toward them on a back road and we were in awe again at their beauty. There were deer every where and we even saw a Pronghorn up close.

Today we will go to church some where in Buffalo. The choices are limited but there are churches here. Tomorrow morning we have some business to take care of and then we hope to be on the road toward Montana shortly after noon.

There are a few families on their way to Montana for tent revival so please pray that everything goes well for everybody on the road.

Enjoy the pictures....


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