Monday, July 9, 2012

A Car By Any Other Name Would Still Be A Car

Forget the name, where does the air filter go?

We have had a lot of fun trying to name our newest member of the family. Thanks for all the comments, emails, texts and phone calls with all kinds of great ideas. We have been having a blast with it.

I have always felt the best names are the ones that happen naturally or maybe I should say spontaneously. With no brainstorming, list making or angst at all, the name just "happens"!

Take for example, Odie. Who could have planned that? That was a name that dropped out of nowhere and stuck like a chicken on a junebug!

The problem with our little Scion xB is that it naturally and spontaneously generated dozens of names! Some of you all got on a roll and the names are still coming. This thing attracts names like crazy. Everybody that walks by has a name and new names are coming to us all the time.

We have so many good ones that we have had a hard time settling on just one. We do have one common name that keeps rising to the top though. Nearly every week somebody walks up that has never seen the car or perhaps is a total stranger to us and says, "Where'd you get the little green machine" or "Hey that's a cute little green machine" or my personal favorite from a man in Paducah, Kentucky, "You better not park that green machine in the grass, the bugs will eat it!"

So we have taken to calling it the green machine which was one of the first names mentioned in the very beginning. I do not know that the "poor child" (To paraphrase Bro. Riggs) will every get an official name but we will keep our eyes and ears open for something formal. 

Until then His Name Shall Be The Green Machine!

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My brother Steve came up with a hilarious name the other day in the comments. It is a little beyond the rules but it is simply so funny! If you missed it you can find it the comments on THIS POST.

I am sure that one will get some play in our family.

We plan to take care of some business here in Buffalo, Wyoming this morning and then make tracks toward Montana,

God Bless,



  1. Under the dash

  2. That is hiiarious!!!! I love that car. Kari does too. :)

  3. When the little green Scion was bought
    A nickname was prayerfully sought
    Twas cause for some gloom
    That the cool “nom de plume”
    Of Boggsie's, they really could (S)not

  4. Awesome! Bro. Ray, you are the official 2012 Poet Laureate of Boggsblogs. That is incredible.


  5. I humbly accept this distinguished title...I was a poet and didn't know it but my feet show it...they're Longfellers!


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