Saturday, July 7, 2012

Securing The Car in The Trailer

I have had trouble strapping down vehicles in trailers from the very first time I tried it. It does not matter how tight I strap it down they dance sideways on me. Last year I even broke good ratchet straps because I had them so tight. The little green car is only 2,400 lbs and I still could not keep it from moving.

I kept asking and searching until some one on an RV forum gave me this LINK. These people have everything you can think of and a whole bunch of things I could never imagine.

This is a picture from their website. I ordered four of these to strap down the car in the trailer. A regular wheel strap would not work because of the low clearance on the car but these are perfect.

Last week in Miami I mounted the Etrack down both sides in the trailer. Kelly Jo helped me in the trailer and Bro. Caleb Bontrager helped me underneath the trailer.

Monday Kelly Jo pulled the car in and we strapped it down...

I have pulled the trailer with the car strapped in with these for over 1080 miles over some pretty rough interstate and the car has not moved and inch that I can see. It sure looks like I have found a solution.



  1. There is always a better mousetrap! or in this case..."strap down doohickeys"

    On another note...there are references to "the car" and "the little green car"...Does this child still not have a name?

    God Bless!

  2. Lol! Thanks for your question and obvious concern for out little green nameless child. We have had several inquiries about that the last few days.

    Be looking for a post on that subject soon!


  3. Haha! That one is liable to stick! (Pun Intended)



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