Thursday, July 12, 2012

Montana Tent Revival

Pastor Metzger and his folks have been working hard to prepare for the tent revival here at Sun Valley Church in Florence, Montana. I know that God is going to bless their efforts. We are praying for lost souls to be added to the kingdom and for entire families to be added to the church during this revival.

Please join us in prayer. I really want and need you to sincerely pray that folks will be saved. I know from experience that God will meet with us during the tent revival. I know He will draw men and women to Himself. I know He will save, heal and deliver. I know He will bless His people. Pray that we will be sensitive to the voice of the Lord and obedient as well.

We plan to set the tent up Friday morning before the heat of the day. Saturday we will have a prayer meeting/dedication service and then we will kick off the revival under the tent on Sunday morning.

If you would like to know more about the meeting you can find all of the links HERE.

Bro. Lockwood and his sons moved the tent trailer into place yesterday. Later in the evening Odie went to youth service and Kelly Jo helped me lay out the stake line so everything is marked and ready to go.

Today will be our only free day so we are planning to take a long drive. Maybe we can get some good pictures and post them here later. Or you could come and see beautiful Montana for yourself! IF you do, I promise you will never get over it!


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