Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Fishing on Thursday!

As I told you before we don't do much when we have time off. We usually go to town once a day to eat a meal and then we drive around in the mountains for a while and then spend the rest of the evening relaxing. We go to bed when we want, get up when we want and eat when we want. We operate on no schedule and make no plans.

On our drive during our first day here we found something we hadn't seen. As you drive into Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge there is a little park on the right side of the road. The park has a new part and it is pretty neat. It is a new fishing pier on the Little Pigeon River and is built to be completely handicap accessible.

It has a nice big flat concrete platform for fishing.

It has a handicap ramp from the parking lot all the way down to the fishing pier.

The whole project was the vision of William Stevens who served Gatlinburg in the early 90's as City Commissioner and Mayor. He loved to fish in the Little Pigeon River and wanted everybody to be able to enjoy it. We think that is pretty neat. Children under 12 and the handicapped can access the river for fishing and fish for free.

Below is a picture of he Fishing Pier Regulations. Everything is pretty standard except for rule # 2. Can you see it? No fishing is allowed on Thursday....

What? No fishing on Thursday? My guess is the fish don't do Thursdays. Even fish need a day off! That is hilarious to me.....

Have a great day....



  1. What in the world??? There has GOT to be a story behind that.


  2. This place looks neat. Rule 2 is hilarious.


  3. I think the fishes union has something to do with it...

  4. Curiosity got the best of me so I had to google it. The river is stocked every Thursday so they do not allow fishing on that day. You would think they could say that so everyone would wonder.


  5. Google knows everything...


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