Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Place

This morning (Saturday) is our last morning in the mountains for a while. We are checking out in a few minutes and then we will begin our relatively short journey home.

The pictures below were taken our first day here when the weather was quite a bit warmer than it is today. We drove up to a place that Kelly Jo and I found a few years ago. We marked it on Bro. Garmin (GPS) as "Our Place" and we have been coming back ever since. It is a beautiful place for a home on the side of a curvy mountain road.

There is not much room to park the BoggsMobile though which is OK because it couldn't make the curves anyway. I wasn't even sure that the General could make all the curves and hills up to this place! It is quite a ride up and down and would be almost impossible with much snow or any ice. Kelly Jo says that's OK. She thinks it would be no problem at all to stay up there all winter.

We spent a little time up there enjoying the view and thought you might enjoy it too.

God Bless you all...


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