Friday, December 2, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday we went to church at Dodds where the BoggsMobile is parked. This is the church I was raised in and my parents still attend there. We had a good service but unfortunately I only snapped one picture. It was good to be with Pastor Rex Lloyd and all of our family and friends at Dodds again.

Thursday night we were in Danville, Kentucky at Old Paths Holiness Church. Pastor David Noe and his dear wife Sis. Karen have been our friends for many years. We love these folks so much and it has been way too long since we had spent much time with them. We certainly felt the Lord during a prayer line in altar service. We had a wonderful visit.

Sunday we plan to be at Beechfork Holiness Church and then we have a few days scheduled off in Tennessee. Odie is deer hunting in Ohio with Kelly Jo's brother. Hopefully I will have pictures of a big deer to post tomorrow... Or even a small deer!

Hope you enjoy the pictures...

Pastor - Bro. David and Sis. Karen Noe

Frosty Friends


  1. So, so, so glad y'all came last night!!! We were so excited!!!

  2. Love y'all sooooo much! You blessed out hearts...Kari had a blast!

    Have a great time in Tennessee!

    Love you,


    Oh, yeah...Odie, we're rooting for that big buck!!!

  3. We really loved having yall with us!!! You were (as always) a HUGE blessing to us!!!! :)
    Luv yall,

    Odie we missed you!!!!!

  4. Thanks Lacey miss you all bunches!



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